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A stand for a Notion Ink Adam? If you've read my previous post on being in the Early Access Program for the Notion Ink Adam and then bailing, you may be wondering why I've got a stand for the Adam. Well, my tablet will be arriving in a few days, and I'll post about that later.

This is a very quick sort-of review of the above stand, mainly for any Adam owners that are looking to buy something to keep their tablet at an angle. This post will be updated when I get the tablet, and in the meantime will contain thoughts and pictures of the stand itself.


The foldable stand comes in a plain white box that has a plastic cap on each end. Never seen that before, and I kinda liked it. Removing the caps and opening the box reveals a fabric drawstring bag containing the stand itself. Nothing much to say here.


The stand itself is quite sturdy and has a nice weight to it. The majority of the stand has a black coating to it that I can't quite describe. If you've used an electric shaver that has a plastic-rubber feel to it, you'll know what I'm referring to. It's plastic, yet it feels like rubber.

The stand has a hinge at one end that allows the legs to be separated at varying distances, causing the angle to become more horizontal. The least amount of distance between the legs results in an angle that is almost vertical, and the most provides an angle that is almost completely horizontal. The legs can be separated from each other to turn the stand into a tripod to prevent the whole thing from falling over.

The end of the legs have little rubberised sawtooth feet that can be pulled out to cradle your tablet.

For £9 ($14), the build quality of this no-name stand is surprising. While there is some horizontal play in relation to the rigid back leg and the two front movable legs, it's all very solid. It can take a couple of goes to depress the big silver circle release button to move the legs, but it's certainly not annoying in any way.


Here are some badly-taken photographs of the stand. There will be photos of it in-use with a Notion Ink Adam as soon as it arrives.


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