learning to drive - part 11: seventh/eighth lesson

Lesson seven was just driving around and ensuring I change down gears at the correct point on approaches to certain traffic features. Not sure why I kept trying to change gears earlier than I should - maybe I'm tying the gears to the car's speed too much.

Lesson eight did more driving and I seemingly had gotten really good at it. Driving line is fine, stamping the accelerator more, etc. Then I did something really fucking stupid. In fact, twice, but only the first time was mind-blowingly dangerous.

Instructor told me to take the 3rd (right-most) exit at a roundabout. I signalled right, went into the right-lane, and took the inner part of the roundabout. I started to leave the 2nd exit (straight ahead from the way I came in). The instructor dived at the steering wheel and steered me to the right towards the 3rd exit, where I was signalling and positioned to go.

I have no idea what happened. I completely forgot the exit he told me and for some reason decided to leave at the 2nd. What the fuck.

Then, on another roundabout, he told me to go right (3rd exit, again) and I fucked off to the 1st exit on the left.

It's never happened before, and I did it twice in one lesson.

I don't know why. I can only assume it's because I just forgot due to everything else rather than just a misunderstanding of how the roundabout works.

I also had three attempts at a turn in the road (formerly known as a 3-point turn). Did pretty well at the first two, but a car appeared at the third and I began rushing. Made it fine, but was going backwards way faster than I should have been. Hmph.

Other than that first roundabout incident (thankfully it didn't turn into an actual incident; I apologised profusely to the guy), I did much better than previous lessons. Being able to think less about just the act of driving has freed my mind to think about other parts of the experience. And, gawd-dammit, it can be kinda fun.

Yesterday's run-around with Rob no-doubt had a large part to play.

Next two lessons are on Friday.

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