learning to drive - part 2: provisional licence

I haven't really looked into this driving malarkey before, so where do I start? It appears I need a provisional licence to actually get behind a steering wheel, so I'd better sort that out.

Doing a search turned up this government page (bearing in mind that I'm in the UK; you may have your own version if you reside in another hell hole) with a whole raft of information on motoring in general. A quick poke about shows that I can apply for a provisional licence online, right there on that site.

Which I did.

I had to give details for some Government Gateway ID thing so I can quickly sign-in in the future. Not a problem, so I completed that, and then answered various questions so I can get the licence. It costs £50 to apply, paid by card, and they sent a form through the post to complete the process.

It took around a week or so and the form arrived. I attached a passport-sized photograph of myself, along with a birth certificate and my National Insurance card. Other forms of ID are accepted, but I opted to send these. They should be sent back to me within 2-4 weeks. If you're not identifying yourself with, say, a digital passport number, you need to have your photo and form signed by someone that isn't related to you, doesn't live with you, and has known you for at least two years.

A week or so later, and the photocard and its paper counterpart arrived. The photocard is basically the plastic "security-enhanced" licence with your photo and details on it, and the paper counterpart allows endorsements/convictions and such to be written.

All-in-all, it took almost exactly a month to go from applying for the provisional to actually having it in my possession; it would have arrived a week sooner if I had immediately sent my form back, so three weeks? That's pretty good I think.

Next? Choosing a driving school and booking lessons.


Posted: 2011-07-05 at 09:59:43,