learning to drive - part 8: fourth lesson

I've just finished my last lesson of the RapidPass beginner's course. £50 for 6 hours, spread across four lessons as I opted to do them in 1.5 hour sessions. 1 hour simply isn't enough, so I'd say go for 1.5-2 hours if you're still deciding.

How did it go? Why, lemme start by saying "Holy bloody shit".

In a good way.

From the start, then. Instructor drove me out to an industrial estate that we've been using previously, and talked me through what the lesson will consist of. Doing right-hand turns. Before we got to that, I chose to just have a lap of the route we were on to refresh things. If I'm honest, I can't remember a damn thing about that lap; don't remember how it went at all. Um.

We then took a new route I wasn't familiar with and started doing lots of right turns. This includes our old friends the roundabout and the 60 MPH road. Thankfully the sloped junction wasn't involved. I'm getting used to going quite fast now, so going at that speed has become a bit less intimidating.

I still have a problem at this point at slowing right down and not binning it when using both the gas and the clutch. I can do the whole tick-over thing no problem as that doesn't require quickly doing something I'm terrible at. So, did a few laps of this route.

The next thing was... unexpected.

Driving around. All over the place. Constantly. Are they single-carriage ways? I'm not sure - they're like mini-motorways, and the 60 MPH limit suggests to me that they are. I brum-brummed around a load of those in areas I'd never been to. After doing that a while, I found myself driving around familiar areas; near my house, near town/the high street; schools; etc.

Drove to my house, but it seemed we had more time left, so we headed to town, drove around a bit more and through a main road that's even scary as a pedestrian - I walk down that valley of death a couple of times per week - and then back home where I parked across the road from my house. Fuckin' A.

I still need work on preventing the car from stopping when crawling and then taking off again; my driving line is getting better, but it becomes somewhat secondary when I'm doing other stuff - really need to sort that.

When I got in, I had a pain in my right leg. That's good - I like that. It means something's happening.

Doing the driving-around-town thing was a bit of a pants wetter, but it was also AWESOME.

Theory test on Wednesday and the next two driving lessons on Friday. Would've preferred earlier in the week but the instructor's pretty full.

All-in-all, the instructor's pleased and so am I.

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