learning to drive - part 9: driving theory test

Nervous. Anxious.

The way I was feeling, you'd think I was about to head into war. Screw trying to calm down, and instead jump nut-first into a bout of theory question and hazard perception binging.

I spent all morning going through various parts of my Driving Test Success disc (that doesn't link to the specific one I had, but I'd highly recommend you get that one instead). In fact, it dawned on me that I could answer the questions without actually reading the questions. A good sign, surely.


The hazard perception. The part I had been dreading. If I fail, it's because of this.

I arrived at the test centre. Nice little place. It appears to be full of 17 year-olds. Presented the receptionist with my ID, shoved all my stuff in a locker except for my photocard ID (the licence), read through a thing they gave me and waited.

Receptionist took a dump. I know because she went mental with the air freshener when she came back.

My name is called. I went off and was talked through what's going to happen. The area looked like something from a top-secret base in some film. CCTV all of the place with a main control room area. Yikes. Went in, got patronised by the useless hazard perception part of the test. Sat through it anyway. A CRT monitor. How quaint. Ooh, and you say just touch the screen? Space year 2011.

Multiple choice questions. I did the 50-questions in about 8 minutes. Still had 49 minutes left. Saw two questions I had never seen before - what are the chances? Uh, whatever. Did feel myself hesitating despite knowing it all. Anyway, done.

Hazard perception. The quality of the video was predictably terrible, despite being slightly disguised by the crappy CRT blurring everything. Did we used to really use these analogue things? No-wonder I wear glasses now. Barbaric.

The perception test was... interesting. It, on the whole, was easier than the videos on the test package I was using. Some really obvious stuff, except for when I had a brain fart when it came to a second group of sheep that popped onto screen. Anyway, done.

Walked out of the Big Brother room and handed woman my shizz. Went to the desk, and was handed a letter by the MILF present. Didn't know what it was, but I looked down and the first thing I saw was...

Congratulations! You have passed the Car driving theory test.

Oh, shit, what? She had already printed it off. Damn that was quick. Lots of babble, and then it gives me the numbers that I wanted to see.

You scored 50 out of 50 for the multiple choice part.
You scored 50 out of 75 for the hazard perception part.

Jeez, the perception pass mark is 43 or so, so I'm not exactly proud of my result. But, honestly, I don't care - I passed, hurrah!

Two driving lessons on Friday.

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