google and the android

I started spamming Twitter about this and decided I should spare those people from my rants and use this as an excuse to post something here.

I got a Nexus 6 a couple of years back and I love it. The best phone I've ever used, and I have no intention of replacing it with anything else. If it had a fingerprint reader - it would be perfect. Oh, and an even better camera would be nice but its actual camera can take some superb photos, so I'm fine with it.

In fact, there's one more thing I would change.

Google's product support period.

It's at a piss-poor two years.

For a £600 phone.

They've just released their new Pixel and Pixel XL phones and they cost upto £800.

Still, with a two year support period.

In a word: pathetic.

My Nexus 6 phone is extremely capable. It runs everything as fast as buggery (which, presumably, is quite fast), has lots of RAM, and doesn't need upgrading one little bit. Despite all of that, Google will not be releasing Android 8 for it because that'll be outside the two-year support interval.

Android 6, for a major version release, didn't have much going on with it: it was mostly a "refinement" release of the operating system. Sure, it made things a bit nicer and more polished - of course, but that was it in all honesty. Oh, actually - it made a serious mess of Google Now. It doesn't listen most of the time, and when it does, it gets it very wrong. I use my phone at the heart of my home automation setup, so that is a serious problem for me.

Android 7. I installed it last night and spent some time looking around it. It appears to have fewer newer features than Android 6. How that's possible, I'm at a loss.

Wait a moment - there are a couple of major features: Google Assistant (how that's different from Google Now I have no idea) and the new Launcher. Except Google have done an Apple and locked it to the new Pixel phones. Us lot? Nope, it ain't for you!

My two year support period has essentially consisted of two major-version OS updates that have minor-version additions. In other words: Google have wasted my updates on minor rubbish that doesn't add significant value.

I'm very, very annoyed about that.

Posted: 2016-10-20 at 09:32:43,